The Frontier Boys is the story of four high school boys whose undefeated basketball season and friendship are threatened after a drive-by shooting leaves one of them in a coma and one of them with a secret.

Brent Fencett, Jed Bracken, and T.J. Lewis are star players on the Charlevoix High School Basketball team; Jackson Carlson is their most obnoxious fan. They are unbeaten on the court and inseparable off it - until Brent gets caught up in his older brother's mixed up life. The consequences of Brent's choice leave T.J. in the hospital, and Brent's soul in turmoil.
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Forbidden Speech

In the summer of 2064, a grandfather brings his 12-year-old grandson to the middle of an isolated lake in order to risk showing the boy something he has never seen before: a bible. When the boy thumbs through the strange book, he notices one particular page that is highlighted, underlined, and dated – June 10, 2013. It was the grandfather’s high school graduation day.

In 2013, Jed Spencer, a high school senior, Valedictorian of his high school class, was asked to give a two-minute speech at his graduation ceremony. For his address, Jed chose a reading from...
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Frontier Boys II: Long Gone

Brent’s deadbeat father re-enters his life at the worst possible time – just as he is pitching to lead his baseball team to a state championship. Brent’s father, Mike Sr., is persuaded by beautiful but dangerous Sophia to kidnap his own son and steal him away to Italy.

Brent arrives in Rome with no money, no phone, and no way out. Sophia lures Brent deep into the Catacombs of Domitilla, where Christian martyrs of ancient Rome were buried, in order to harvest his organs for the black market. Can his friends save him in time?

Long Gone is an explosive blend of of action, excitement, and faith to inspire audiences around the world.

Frontier Boys III: Ice Cold

Jed Bracken accepts an invitation to join the USA Junior Hockey team for an eight-week, Eastern European tour. The choice, however, comes at a high price: he has to leave his friends and sacrifice his senior season as the starting point guard for his high school basketball team.

After Jed is whisked away to a remote land, he meets his coach–a hard-nosed, brutal man who leads a team full of guys competing more against each other than their opponents. When Jed's coach faces an old nemesis behind the rink, Jed is the only witness to the confrontation that ends in murder. The coach pursues Jed, trying to stop him from returning home. Jed is on the run in a strange land and desperate for help, until he reaches out to an opposing hockey player who shares his faith--but not his language.

Ice Cold is a story that shows how being a Christian in modern times can be lonely. The camaraderie of The Frontier Boys reminds us that friendship, fellowship, and love should never be taken for granted, and the call to "be in the world but not of it" has never been more challenging.

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